Thursday, March 12, 2009

Fiesta Cookie Bouquet

Fiesta Cookie Bouquet, originally uploaded by gensler97.

Loved this cookie bouquet. At first I had no idea what to make for a fiesta theme. I used several different cutters that were other shapes and cut or smooshed them into the shape I needed. I used a cowboy hat for the sombrero, a rattle for the maracas, and a horse for a pinata. Loved the colors for fiesta cookies! One problem I ran into with the maracas is that the red started to run I think because of the heat generated inside the bags. I had a few others not in bags that did not run at all. The pinata is my personal favorite.


Bridget said...

That pinata is perfect!!!

Cookingfor5 said...

Thanks! I loved it too.

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