Thursday, May 28, 2009

Graduation Hat Cookie

Graduation Hat Cookie, originally uploaded by gensler97.

This is a better view of my graduation caps. I like this is a cute little cutter, but it is very easy to break off the tassle. I chose to use the traditional black cap in my bouquet to add additional color to the bouquet. These are done in the school colors.

Happy Graduation!

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Graduation Cookie Bouquet

Graduation Cookie Bouquet, originally uploaded by gensler97.

I made this cookie bouquet for a friend's graduation party. I had already made them 3 dozen cookies they asked for and decided I wanted to make them something special to go with it.

I have started using thick bamboo skewers that I found at Wal-Mart for my cookie bouquets. They are just as sturdy as cookie sticks, and longer. Also, the price is less than a dollar for a big bunch on them. Sorry I can't remember if there are 100 in the package or not, but it is between 50 and 100. They are also a little thinner, which makes it much easier to slide into a cookie. The pointed end helps out when sticking them into the cookies because you don't have to be as careful not to make a hole in the cookie.

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