Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Volleyball Cookies

Volleyball Cookies, originally uploaded by gensler97.

I love how these volleyball cookies turned out. I have been wanting to try them and finally got a chance. I think they are my favorite sports ball. It definitely looks like a volleyball. I played around with them and found 3 lines to be the perfect look. Four lines were just too much for this size cookie. I also love that they are blue. You can do white, which is traditional, but why not have fun with the colors.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Fiesta Cookie Bouquet

Fiesta Cookie Bouquet, originally uploaded by gensler97.

Loved this cookie bouquet. At first I had no idea what to make for a fiesta theme. I used several different cutters that were other shapes and cut or smooshed them into the shape I needed. I used a cowboy hat for the sombrero, a rattle for the maracas, and a horse for a pinata. Loved the colors for fiesta cookies! One problem I ran into with the maracas is that the red started to run I think because of the heat generated inside the bags. I had a few others not in bags that did not run at all. The pinata is my personal favorite.

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