Monday, December 10, 2007

Cookie Creation Blog Carnival

Welcome to the December 9, 2007 edition of cookie creations.

I love to bake and eat sweet treats, but so do others. Here are some ideas and interesting stories from other bloggers about their sweet treats.


The Career Counselor presents Holiday Season: Simple Ways to Increase Morale and Happiness at Your Office posted at ask the CareerCounselor, saying, "Thanks for writing in with such a fun question. I’m thrilled you’re taking the initiative to increase morale and happiness at your workplace. Between business deadlines, social events, and family affairs it’s often hard to find the time to celebrate with your colleagues. To life spirits at your office, here are a few quick and easy ideas that offer a lot of smiles for very little time or expense."

Christmas Cookies

Kelly presents Christmas Cookies and Crazy Rantings posted at {the ringpop bride}.

Sagar presents World?s Best Chocolate: A Chocoholics Travel Guide posted at Travelhacker.

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