Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Packaging Cookies

It's the holidays, and many of us love to bake sweets and share with our friends and family. The question that we all get stuck with is how to package those homemade treats. Here are my top ways to package my gifts.

1) Decorative Tins
2) Gift Bags
3) Bakery Boxes
4) Coffee Cups for my mini cookies wrapped in Cellophane
5) Individual Treat Bags for my kids to take to school
6) Individual treat bags to use as gift tags.
7) Little Baskets
8) Decorative Bowls

Play around with your packaging. You can really come up with some sweet looking gifts, that often cost very little. Try the Dollar Stores for ideas that are easy on the wallet.

Got an idea? Drop my a comment and I'll add yours to my list.


Heather Melzer said...

What fabulous ideas! I've been looking for a light cookie cutter like the cookies you posted earlier - do you know where I can find one? Copper gifts was the only place I saw one...

Cookingfor5 said...

The light cookie cutter is from Michaels. There is a box set of Christmas Cookie Cutters for $9.99 for about 40 cutters.

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